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Fruits are source of happiness, but they have limited shelf life. 100 million ton of fruits get wasted or stressed sale at farm gate. It’s a big loss of nutrition, farmer’s income and natural resources consumed for growing fruits at national level.

FRUZ , is into sourcing & distribution of good Food, Fruits & Salts without preservatives by leveraging technologies & network of farmer enterprises and processing units across India. We clollaborates with KisaanSay to develop clean label F&B solutions. Best Quality & Traceability.

Direct from Farmers enterprises

Focus on Creating Value

Round the Year

Goodness of Fruits

Frozen(IQF) &

Freeze Dried (FD)


Our Mission

Source, Process & Distribute best quality Food Ingredients, Fruits (IQF & FD) in B2B and D2C. Skill 2 Scale for Micro Food enterprises near farms and support them with Branding, Funding & Supply Chain.

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Can I open KisaanSay Outlet Virtually and start my goodness business?

Yes, you can start with investment as low as Rs. 21000/- & do weekly sales of similar amount.

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Multiple format

Common Goal

Good Food & Beverages




we have crowd pullers for

  • Cafe
  • Fine Dining
  • QSR & Kiosk Chains
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Highway Dhaba
  • Temple & High Street
  • Canteens / Kithens
  • Airport Outlets

Our Solutions ranges from

  1. Fresh Icecreams & Shakes
  2. Dry & Wet Blends
  3. Specialty Salts
  4. Food with Traceability
  5. Farm2Fork Products
  6. Frozen (IQF) fruits Freeze Dried Foods
  7. Prasadam Solutions

Our Consulting Services

  1. Funding & Subsidies
  2. Branding & Social media
  3. Packaging Design
  4. Book Keeping & GST FSSAI & other laws
  5. Quick Commerce
  6. Cold Storage as service
  7. Digital Commerce & Ai

Introducing FRUZ India, a culinary powerhouse led by Chef Rishika Sawansukha and Chef Asha Rao, Ex- Coca-cola veteran CA Rishabh, design expert Kunal Sehdev, and Quick Commerce veteran Vishal Agarwal, FRUZ promises innovation and convenience. Guided by food technologists FT. Prabodh Halde and FT. Jyoti Saroop, mentored by industry luminaries, and supported by flavor experts and cutting-edge technology from Spain and Italy, FRUZ is revolutionizing the industry. Approved as an MSME, FRUZ guarantees excellence in F&B QSR Consulting, Innovative business models in Fresh, Fast & Frozen Space.

Our Clients

  1. Artisanal Chefs & QSR Kitchens
  2. Highway Hotel/ Dhaba / CAFE chains
  3. multi-plexes and food court QSR
  4. temple kitchens (Satvik Foods)
  5. high street Gourmet f&B Brands
  6. Cafes @heritage/ pilgrimage sites
  7. corporate/ college/ hospital Kitchen
  8. travel food service / flight kitchen
  9. premium Bakery/Pastry/Icecream shops

We support brands in

  1. Icecreams, Shakes & Smoothies
  2. bakery, Confectionary & chocolates
  3. Farm2Fork brands in Daily needs
  4. Frozen Snacks & FRUITS brands
  5. Hot N Cold Beverages - Fruit & Millet
  6. Dry Fruits & Gifting companies
  7. Speciality Salts & Snacks
  8. Vegan & plant based Kitchens
  9. Cooperative & Farmer Enterprises

Contact us for solutions & consulting

  1. Email your introduction and business interests -

2. schedule 1:1 zoom conference

Current Opportunities

  1. Hydroponics Farm (running) for Bell Peppers -NCR
  2. 100+ Farm2Fork Products with Traceability - KisaanSay
  3. Frozen Fruits & Berries (IQF) in 1 to 30 kg bags
  4. Freeze Drying as a Service - 10 plants across India
  5. Speciality Salts with 50+ minerals - 1 kg to 10000 kg
  6. FSSAI Consulting & Legal Compliance Services
  7. Set-up fresh & fruitfull Icecream corner & truck
  8. Dry Fruits & Nuts - Cashew, Pista & Almonds

Mango Pulp - Industrial Quality & Quantity

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FRUZ Services includes

  1. Artisanal Icecreams
  2. New product & flavor development
  3. Flavor & blending tech
  4. frozen - freeze dried fruits
  5. super distribution services
  6. Icecream Menu Design by Chefs
  7. Ingredients Sourcing & supply
  8. Supply Chain & Fuilfilment
  9. funding, branding, M&A , Startup mentoring in clean label category

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